‘As Promised’: Elon Musk on India Entry

The social media and news portals had a gala time reporting the probable news that Elon Musk has opened his Tesla company by registering in Bengaluru. The Richest person in the world has finally released his statement regarding his entry into India. He said that he was on his way to fulfill the promise that electric cars will run on the road of the country. 

According to the official reports, Tesla India Motors and Energy Private Limited has been registered as a company in the Lavelle Road, Bengaluru. The renowned business magnet has left a slight hint on his instagram platform ‘As promised’ referring to his possible venture in India. It is quite common for Elon Musk to communicate through his Twitter handle but he made no comments about India on his official twitter account.

In October, when Elon Musk took on the throne as the richest man alive, beating Jeff Bezos, he said that electric cars are finally ready to enter India. Karnataka Chief Minister, Yediyurappa, has congratulated the team of Tesla and announced the news that the leading company will be establishing their research And Development center in Bengaluru. The government of the state left no stone unturned and gave a very strong pitch to welcome the Car company to enter Bengaluru leaving all other Indian states behind.

Tesla is also in close contact with other Indian states to expand its empire in the country. This includes Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. Union Road Transport and Highways Minister, Nitin Gadkar, said that the tesla cars will be available for sale in the country from the early months of 2021. If everything falls in place, the country is also looking forward to completely manufacturing and assembling the cars within India and circulate sales - promoting the Indian market.

This will be the second R & D center of Tesla that has been established outside the US. The first overseas center is in Shanghai which is a Gigafactory that makes the renowned electric cars of Tesla. Karnataka is strongly encouraging the concept of electric cars and that is why startups like Ola Electric, Sub Mobility are also starting their work in the boundaries of this Indian state.