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‘We Can Be Heroes’ Sequel To Be Made With Robert Rodriguez Again

We can be Heros

Netflix announced that the sequel for ‘We Can Be Heroes’ will be made with the same director, Robert Rodriguez. The lockdown season brought a lot of audience to the streaming platform and that has led to the flourishing of several shows. The recent addition was ‘We Can be Heroes’ that attracted a tremendous response from audiences during the Christmas season.

The Characters of the Film are inspired by the Director’s Spy Kids Franchise and the initial movies of The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl. The content revolves around the Children of Earth’s Superheroes who have been kidnapped by the villains.

The sequel was declared after the impressive numbers on Netflix's weekend watch census. Netflix measures viewership based on the two minutes that a subscriber spent on the platform. The Christmas week recorded the most viewership in terms of exploring shows and also the viewing hours. This is also an advantage of the increased subscribers during the lockdown duration.

Netflix declared that the show has been viewed by almost 44 million households and registered a positive response from them. Within the first 28 days of release, the viewers around the show have been buzzing and it is a very productive thing for the streaming platform. Netflix thus declared that they will be renewing it for a sequel with the same director - Robert Rodriguez. 

The record-setting viewership was a shock to the platform as well as seeing how the genre might not be something that everyone would embrace. The family time that people spend during the holiday weekend might also be the reason for the good response around the content. The Direction and the designing of the plot received applause, prompting the platform to retain the successful director again for creating the sequel.

Rodriguez also happens to be the writer and producer of the show - reducing the hassle for the platform and increasing the profits for the man under the limelight. The same cast will be brought back to play the characters and documents to seal the deal are being prepared by the world-wide streamer, Netflix.