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1700 Birds Fall Dead In The Himachal Sanctuary

Birds Dead in Himachal Sanctuary

About 1700 migratory birds, the majority of them being bar-headed geese, died under mysterious conditions around the Himachal Pradesh region. The unfortunate incident was noticed around the Pong Dam Lake in Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh. The authorities have ordered to prevent the entry of any cattle or livestock into the region. Even tourists have been asked to steer clear from the reservoir area until a proper investigation into the incident is done to find the reason for the birds’ death.

The people were also asked to stop purchasing poultry and meat from this particular region in fear of a bird flu spread. To add to this conclusion, the states around Himachal have also found that Avian Influenza cases were recorded in a few people. 

Rakesh Kumar Prajapati, Kangra’s district Magistrate, has strictly notified the authorities to prevent entry of humans or livestocks into one-kilometer radius of the reservoir. A surveillance zone has been established in 9 kilometers around the incident site to find anything amiss in the region. 

The notice also included objections to circulate bird meat, fish, or any other seafood - including the eggs from chicken as well. The export and slaughter of these animals is also banned for the time being. The Fatehpur, Dehra, Jawali and Indora regions have received an official written order about the same.

Under the Section 34 of the Disaster Management Act, 2005, the shops and outlets that sell these products will remain closed in the region. The doubt on bird flu is very prominent at the moment and the dangerous respiratory disease can add up to the already escalating COVID conditions. It is caused by H5N1 virus and it is possible that humans will pick on it too. 

The tourists planning on visiting the Himachal Sanctuary are certain to return with disappointment because of this sudden change in plans. However, this comes at a time where human health is of utmost priority of the State government officials. Kerala has also reported that H5N8 strain of Avian influenza virus have been traced in the Alappuzha and Kottayam region. Crows have dropped dead in Rajasthan, showing a clear indication towards the bird-flu again.