20% Uranium Enrichment On Iran’s Mind

Uranium Enrichment on Iran
Steve Bowbrick from Radlett, United Kingdom, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This new move by Iran seems like a tough answer to the Western’s over the recently halted and messed atomic deal. The country plans on uranium up to 20% as soon as possible and all preparations are being made in accordance with the decision. Its program in the Underground Fordo Nuclear facility will be seeing quite some progress, taking a  few steps forward towards weapon-grade level up. 

This decision is not quite surprising how tensions have elevated between Iran and the US during Donal Trump’s presidency. The former President of the United States of America decided to move back from Tehran’s Nuclear Deal in 2017 that came as a reason for unrest between Iran and the States. 

This was only a catalyst for a follow-up incident that involved a US Drone strike that took the life of an Iranian General in Baghdad roughly a year ago. The death anniversary of the General is on Sunday and that is sending chills down the spine of US officials who are expecting retaliation. 

Iran's decision to enrich the Uranium to 20% is not a recent decision and it has been on cards since a decade ago. This also happens to be the reason for hostility with Israels and that paved the way to the Israeli Strike. However, the evident feelings of enmity take a low line dip when the Atomic deal was signed in 2015. This decision popping up again might result in awakening the old differences.

This is also an attempt to urge Europe to release the Sanctions relief. The bill has been passed, approved according to the constitutional norms of the country and the Iranian authorities state that they will function according to the ‘commands’ they will be given. Seeing how Trump is no more the President, this move is also a subtle signal to the new President to reconsider the past decisions. New Presidential elect of the US, Joe Biden, agreed to reconsider entering the Nuclear Deal and the Iranians are making all efforts to keep reminding him of the words.