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4 Districts Of Karnataka On High Alert Due To Bird Flu

Bird Flu, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Four different districts of the Karnataka state have been alerted and are taking necessary measures to stop the spread of H5N8 Avian Bird virus that is causing havoc among the crowds. The Kerala government was the first to report the presence of H5N8 in Kottayam and Alappuzha. Several ducks were found infected with the bird virus and several are being culled to prevent the spread of the virus that is known to cause respiratory problems. The Karnataka districts have sent samples to the labs for testing.

After Kerala began to cull many ducks and chickens, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu began to lay down guidelines to prevent the spread of bird flu in case it is the reason for the poultry death in their region. After the death of birds in the 4 Karnataka districts, the surveillance has been put into place and the buying, distribution and circulation of poultry products has been temporarily stopped.

Different states have also recorded incidents where poultry death has become a cause of concern. In Madhya Pradesh, 155 dead crows were found in the Indore region and they supposedly died of the H5N8 virus, said the MP officials. In Kota and Baran region of Rajasthan, a few birds were found infected with the strain. In Haryana, an alarming number of 4 lakh birds were found to be dead at the farms of Panchkula district within 10 days. The samples have been collected and sent to Jalandhar’s Regional DIsease Diagnosis Laborator for further information.

Recently, in HImachal Pradesh, several geese dropped dead near the Pong Dam Lake Sanctuary and the movement of poultry and tourists to this reservoir region has been stopped. The samples from these migratory birds have been collected and the results came out positive for the bird flu. Immediate measures have been taken to stop the sale of meat, eggs and other poultry products from the region, including export to other countries.

Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala are taking extra interest and put in several restrictions to prevent the spread of the virus. Even though Maharashtra shares its borders with Madhya Pradesh, no cases of Avian bird flu have been recorded in that region.