50 Days Until The U.S. Election Day As Both The Sides Tend To Struggle

50 Days Until The U.S. Election Day As Both The Sides Tend To Struggle
Image by conolan from Pixabay

The election on 3 November will decide if Donald Trump has a chance to serve a second term or not. North Carolina voters are filling out absentee ballots whereas Minnesotans are prepping to vote in-person on 18 September. Joe Biden has a steady lead in the polls so far, but still, there is a lot of time for the verdict which might come as a surprise.

A Washington based Democratic strategist, Brad Bannon said that there are a lot of things at stake as the present president is not able to handle the pandemic as the total number of people killed has crossed 200,000. America is facing climate change, racism and an economic crisis as well. So now the question is who will be more capable of dealing with the problems of the United States? He also mentioned that he is not confident of Brad Bannon winning the election until he is inaugurated. 

The Trump campaign is speculating on a powerful performance in the debates to make ends meet. If this doesn’t work, Donald Trump has been rustling out a surprise about the Coronavirus vaccine which can turn the table around.  But it doesn’t seem that this will help him boost his votes for the election. As the Public health officials have already stated that they won’t release a premature rollout of the vaccine, so there is a possibility that the vaccine might not be ready by October.

An odd number of balloters are presumed to pick absentee ballots this year, traversing some analysts to predict that the election outcomes will be strangely delayed, as states run by bizarre piles of paper. The Biden campaign announced that it has hired around 600 lawyers to fight this election night. It has also been outspending millions as compared to Trump on influential TV ads.

Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight analyzed that there is a chance that Biden could win the national popular vote by three points (5m votes) and yet have a less than 50-50 chance of winning the electoral college.