A Chinese And 3 Indians Booked For Rs. 1,100Cr Online Gambling Racket

A Chinese And 3 Indians Booked For Rs. 1,100Cr Online Gambling Racket

Image by Aidan Howe from Pixabay

On Thursday, A Chinese with his three Indian mates was arrested for running an illegal online gambling racket. As per the reports, the racket is being operated by a China-based company. The culprits were arrested by the Hyderabad Police from Delhi on Wednesday, and for further investigation, the group of burglars has been brought to Hyderabad on Thursday. 

The business of online gambling came into light after several companies in Noida, Delhi, and Gurugram were raided by the income tax investigators on suspicion of money laundering. The online gambling business was organized and operated by several companies under the Chinese parent company named “Beijing T Power Company.”

In the investigation, the police found out that there was more than 1,100 crore of transactions carried out throughout the lockdown period. 

The goons have been booked under 120-B (Conspiracy), IPC sections 420 (Cheating), and under the Telangana Gaming Act. 

On Thursday, during a press conference, Anjani Kumar, Hyderabad Police Commissioner, said- “The servers of the gaming websites are based in China. Data-hosting services are cloud-based in the US but operated from China. The entire technical operation is run by the China-based directors/partners of these companies. The payments were being routed through India-based payment service providers/gateways,” Source: Times of India. 

Further, the Chief of Hyderabad Police said- “Online gaming was being organized by luring prospective gamers through Telegram groups. Entry is only through reference, and members who introduce a certain number of prospective players are paid a commission. On these groups, admins usually disclose the websites on which the registered members can play and place bets. However, these websites were being changed on a daily basis,” Source: Times of India. 

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Source: Times of India