A federal judge temporarily barred USPS from sending election mailers with false statements

A federal judge temporarily barred USPS from sending election mailers with false statements

Tony Webster from San Francisco, California / CC BY-SA

Colorado state’s top officials stated that the election mailer contains erroneous information that will intimidate voters from taking part in the November elections. Colorado’s secretary of state, Jena Griswold tweeted about this on Saturday evening followed by filing a lawsuit regarding the same.

The restraining order stays effective till September 22 unless extended by the court. 

The false statements pointed out by the lawsuit were as:

  • Guidelines that don’t align with Colorado’s election policies.
  • Telling the voters to request for a ballot at least 15 days prior to the Election Day.
  • Sending the ballots seven days prior also does not align with the state policies.

Griswold said to CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield on “Newsroom” on September 13 that she believes the mailers are “suspect” based on President Donald Trump’s continuing conflict towards popular mail-in voting in the 2020 November election.

Griswold had beforehand asked the US Postal Service not to send the pre-election mailers to voters in her state so as not to cause any confusion. Griswold tweeted on Friday asking Postmaster General Louis DeJoy for a preview of the mailers that are scheduled to be sent but he refused to do so.

Jena Marie Griswold also stated that notwithstanding the temporary conquest on September 12, the state will proceed with its lawsuit on the mailers. The underlying case is about not sending the postcards at all so as the accurate information reaches the Colorado voters through the officials

USPS spokesman Dave Partenheimer stated on Saturday that the primary purpose of the election mailer is to educate, plan and choose to vote via mail. IT is a way of informing voters about the available option in their jurisdiction. 

US Postal Service Postmaster General DeJoy is asked by the Secretaries of State to review the election information before sending out and also to ensure accuracy without fail.