Abu Dhabi paved way for IPL schedule release in 2020!

Abu Dhabi paved way for IPL schedule release in 2020!

The ECB and BCCI have got permission from the Abu Dhabi government to release the schedule of IPL 2020. There was a spike in Corona cases in Abu Dhabi but the government agreed to give relaxation to IPL. The IPL schedule will come within few days if BCCI won’t wait for any further developments in the Chennai franchise. The ECB official has told that they have got all permissions for IPL matches to be held in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. The teams will be able to travel anywhere and they won’t need to be quarantined. When they will come from other countries, they will be kept in quarantine but after that, they can enjoy the league.

Corona and Chennai Super Kings

The dates of IPL have not been released yet due to the Corona spike and the CSK case. The BCCI officials are thinking of the first game of CSK should be postponed or not. As per the rules, it is believed that runner ups and champions of the last year should be the first teams to play in the tournament. The CSK officials have agreed that they will play the first match. KS Vishwanathan said that they will be ready to play if BCCI asked them to.

What will be changed in the tournament?

Most of the people are thinking that there will be changes in the game due to the Corona outbreak but that won’t happen at all. According to BCCI, there is no change in IPL format and there will be sixty games. BCCI wants the match to be held behind closed doors and there won’t be any crowd in the stadiums.

The growth opportunity for TV channels

The president of BCCI, Sourabh Ganguly expects that T20 will be a gift to TV channels this year. IPL will begin on 19th September and not in India because the government couldn’t allow it due to raised COVID cases. Last week, two players from CSK has been tested positive for this virus. The crowds will be watching the match through television and broadcasters will achieve the highest ratings of all time.

Ganguly said that it was important to hold IPL to ensure if the situation goes normal in this pandemic. He was asked what it would be like for cricketers to play without crowds. He said that it won’t be possible for the audience to enter stadiums due to this virus and that’s why there might be 30% of people in the stadium with social distancing rules. The first few matches won’t be open for the audience but if the situation allows, there will be some people. He believes that the virus is showing a weakening effect and India will get rid of it soon. IPL could indeed have been avoided but humans can survive in tough times. Ganguly told that people have come out of more difficult plagues and war-like situations. It will be a great entertainment time for the audience across the world and it’s a piece of good news for all the sports lovers.