Actress Divvya Chouksey Passed Away After Battling with Cancer

Actress Divvya Chouksey Passed Away After Battling with Cancer
Divvya Chouksey

On Sunday, Bollywood actress Divvya Chouskey passed away after battling with cancer for a long time. Just a few hours before her demise, the actress wrote a note on her Instagram story. It said- “Words cannot suffice what I want to convey, the more, the less, since it’s been months am absconded and bombarded with plethora of messages. It’s time I tell you guys, I am on my death bed. S**t happens. I am strong. Be there another life of non suffering. No questions please. Only God knows how much you mean to me. DC Bye.” Source: Instagram. 

Further, the note read- “Guys I have been hospitalised, not in the state to even talk, my cancer is killing me, pray for my easy passing. Sorry just unable to reply. Love to all,” Source: Instagram. 

Divvya started her Bollywood career with ‘Hai Apna Dil Toh Awara’ in 2016. The movie was directed by Monjoy Joy Mukherji, and her co-actor was Sahil Anand.  

Sahil wrote an emotional letter for the late actress and wrote- “Ul be missed badly by ur bhaiya @divvyachouksey …. ur passion, ur dream, ur go getter attitude, ur positivity towards our industry was unmatched to anyone I have met but maybe God had some other plans for u …I m sure you are in a better place now and in peace …ur bhaiya loves you and will always love you ….I miss u DC 💔….you will always be alive in my memories and in my heart.” Source: Instagram. 

Divvya’s cousin Soumya Amish Verma used the late actress Facebook account to share the unfortunate news and wrote- “I am very sad to share that my cousin Divvya Chouksey has passed away due to cancer at a very young age. She did an acting course from London and went on to feature in a couple of films and serials. She also rose to fame as a singer. Today, she left us. I wish God blesses her soul. RIP.” Source: Facebook. 

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