After India, U.S. May Plan to Ban Chinese Apps Like TikTok

After India, U.S. May Plan to Ban Chinese Apps Like TikTok
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The relationship between the United States and China has already been under tense circumstances due to the corona outbreak and economic loss to the States, and China’s cruel action in Hong Kong. 

Further, on Monday, a week after the Indian government banned all the 59 Chinese apps in India, including the most-popular TikTok, the United States Secretary, Mike Pompeo, gave a hint that they may also consider taking similar actions. With this, he used this opportunity to praise the action taken by the Indian government towards China. 

While in an interview with Fox News, Pompeo said that he and President Donal Trump have been discussing and looking at this matter seriously. 

Pompeo stated- “We are taking this very seriously, and we are certainly looking at it. We have worked on this very issue for a long time. India’s clean app approach will boost India’s sovereignty and boost integrity and national security,” Source: Livemint 

Such remarks from the State’s senior officials during these already strained scenarios may leave a huge question mark on the relationship between the two nations (The United States and China). 

Despite having unnerved relationships with Indian and the United States, China is making moves to claim the territorial waters of Malaysia and Vietnam in the South China Sea. To bid to extend its regional area, China has already built an artificial island in the South China Sea. 

Coming back to the Chinese apps, Pompeo said that they have not planned to rule out Chinese apps as of now yet warned people should use them only “if you want your private information in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party.” Source: Livemint 

Earlier, the U.S. lawmakers showed their concern about Chinese apps like- TikTok accessing the user data. 

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Source: Livemint