Air India Flight With 246 Passengers Lands In Delhi

Air India Flight
Masakatsu Ukon, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

An Air India flight landed in Delhi with 246 passengers, even as the scare of the mutant virus is on the rise. The UK strain is said to be 75% more effective at transmission, i.e can infect people much faster when compared to the previous variant. India’s UK strain cases have climbed to 73 and these people have been contained to avoid the spread. However, as the flights from the UK resume from today, it will be a challenge to contain the number of infected people. 

The government stated that about 30 flights will function between the UK and India on a daily basis. This will be continued till at least 23rd January, the Civil Aviation Minister stated. Another lockdown is not feasible for the country and banning flights can also have detrimental effects. The only solution is to reduce the number of flights and take proper precautions to prevent the outbreak of the new variant. 

As The UK variant cases are rising, the government is going full speed at the vaccine trial runs. Today is the second day of a vaccine dry run in the country and the Health minister stated that the vaccine will be administered to the general population soon. Mock trial runs help understand the number of doses required, the time taken for each vaccine and whether the general administration of the hospital is equipped to conduct such vaccination programs. 

The passengers have been advised to take 14 days compulsory quarantine and have a gap of at least 6 hours before boarding the connecting flights. This is to seek out the patients with symptoms and remove them from the airport before they can spread the virus to more people. Also, the medical staff is kept at the airport to assist people with any symptoms or emergency conditions. 

The covid pandemic has caused chaos in many countries as hospitals are struggling to treat people. The government has constantly been advising the population to follow the necessary measures and maintain social distancing. Thankfully, the number of cases in India have reduced and only about 20,000 fresh cases are being detected countrywide. With the vaccines rolling out, the pandemic is expected to be contained by the end of 2021 at the latest.