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Air India Plane Crashed, Pilot with 20 Passengers Dead, Several Injured

Air India Plane Crashed, Pilot with 20 Passengers Dead, Several Injured

Images from Twitter/Hardeep Singh Puri

On Friday, an Air India Express flight AXB1344, B737 from Dubai to Calicut broke into two pieces as it overshot the runway. This aircraft was under the Vande Bharat Mission, bringing people back to India from Dubai due to COVID-19 circumstances. 

The aircraft was to land at the Karipur Airport in Kozhikode. In this unfortunate incident, Captain Dipak Vasant Sathe, his co-pilot, and 20 passengers died on the spot. The flight was carrying 737 passengers. 

As per the reports, Captain Sathe turned off the engine just before the aircraft crashed and broke into pieces. The Captain did so to save the lives of cabin crew and passengers. The incident happened during the second attempt at landing the aircraft at the Karipur ‘tabletop’ airport. 

According to the reports, there were in total 190 passengers onboard, including- 10 infants, four cabin crew members, two pilots, and 174 adults. 

Late Captain DV Sathe was a former test pilot with the IAF (Indian Air Force) and an experienced aerial operator. 

On this, Civil Aviation Regulator DGCA said- “Visibility was 2,000 meter, and rains were reported. Aircraft was at full speed while landing and overshot the Runway 10. It continued running to the end of the runway and fell down in the valley and broke down into two pieces,” Source: Hindustan Times. 

Witnessing the seriousness of the incident, an Air India Express flight has taken off at 2 A.M from Delhi to Kozhikode carrying- AAIB and DGCA investigation officers, and other officials of AIE and AI to inspect the matter. 

Another flight carrying GO employees and Angles of Air India has been taken off from Mumbai to Kozhikode to provide assistance to the families of those who suffered in the unfortunate incident. The flight took off at 6 A.M on Saturday. 

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Source: Hindustan Times