Akshay Kumar Shares FAU-G teaser; Gamers React with Memes

Akshay Kumar Shares FAU-G teaser; Gamers React with Memes

When PUBG got banned in India, a month ago, Akshay Kumar had tweeted about the Indian version of the game that will be launched soon called the Fau-G. A teaser was finally released on the Vijayadashami, and the renowned actor tweeted about the Indian alternative game after which the hashtag #FAUGteaser was trending all over Twitter.

The platform was filled with plenty of opinions and memes on the new multiplayer battle royale game. The teaser showcases the Sino-Indian clash at Galwan Valley and also displays army personnel from both sides involved in a combat in which the Indian side arises victorious. The conflict within Indian and Chinese soldiers at Galwan Valley in June had actually resulted in a ban on various Chinese apps by the Indian government, which included TikTok and PUBG, the most used App in India.

The video that is around a minute-long reveals the soldiers involved in the hand-to-hand battle and tells nothing else regarding the game or gameplay.

The actor mentioned that on the occasion of Dussehra where good wins over evil, is marked as a day to celebrate the new game FAU-G presenting fearless and united guards. It was also highlighted under the Atmanirbhar initiative by the government.

On social media, while many cheered the teaser, others stated that nothing could match the level of PUBG by posting memes and funny videos as a reaction to the teaser of Fau-G. 

Notwithstanding assertions that the game has been developed to obtain the ban on PUBG. The makers of FAU-G had said that the project was already in the pipeline before the ban was imposed. It just happened that they completed the App during the same time as the conflict between Indian and Chinese soldiers at Galwan Valley in June. 

The government took the opportunity to ban Chinese Apps and introduce an Indian version of the same.