Amazon is not slowing down on the contrary hiring 33,000 new employees on September 16

Amazon is not slowing down on the contrary hiring 33,000 new employees on September 16

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Seattle-based Amazon has opened the most significant job opportunities at this time of the year. Though it is not precisely related to the kind of jobs, they typically offer when the holiday season is coming. It is impressive to see Amazon flourish in this pandemic when others are faltering even to survive. 

Amazon can manage to expand its workforce at this point of time after the outbreak of Coronavirus as people all over the globe have turned to order things online from groceries to other items, which in turn helped the company to reach a record revenue from April to June. They have also spent around USD 4 billion on multiple things like cleaning supplies, worker’s overtime and even giving out bonuses. The demand-supply has been high that Amazon was having trouble delivering items real fast, so they also hired around 175,000 employees at their warehouses to help them with packaging and shipping orders.

Some soared high, and some closed the door.

The two other companies Walmart and also Target have been doing well during these difficult times for businesses. But it is tumultuous time for many retailers like Brooks Brothers, J.Crew and  J.C. Penney have all gone insolvent. And the famous Lord & Taylor that were in business for 200 years also closed their doors for the better. Many companies crosswise other industries who have also declared layoffs, including American Airlines and Coca-Cola.

The hiring spree is on.

The vice president of workforce development of Amazon, Ardine Williams said they plan to build a second headquarter in Washington, D.C., are working as proposed, despite the pandemic, with 1,000 workers earlier hired.

For the new job opportunity, Amazon will have an online career fair this September 16 to give people a chance to submit a resume and talk to the recruiter and whoever doesn’t want to join can also seek help regarding their resume.

Amazon announced the jobs would be focused across Amazon’s offices in the country, including New York, Denver, Seattle, and Phoenix. The new hire will work from home initially, but later the company wants their employees to return to the offices.

Last year at the similar career fair, about 17,000 people enrolled that day in person and Amazon said it had received almost 200,000 applications for 30,000 jobs. Last month Amazon said its workforce surpassed 1 million worldwide for the very first time, making it the second-biggest U.S.-based private employer after Walmart Inc.