Amazon Palm Reader: Shoppers Might Love Contactless Checkout Tech

Amazon Palm Reader: Shoppers Might Love Contactless Checkout Tech
Sikander Iqbal / CC BY-SA

Amazon has come up with a new contactless technology option for the shoppers in two of its Amazon Go stores while checking out. It’s a hands-free interaction that will allow the shoppers to get in for loyalty cards or at the check-out line etc. It is completely based on the palm print reader for granting access without touching. Amazon has developed it and is using it for itself now but has plans to sell the technology to third parties in the mere future.

Unveiling the new technology in e-commerce at the time of need for a contactless shopping experience has made it worth billions already. This could multiply in size in the next five years forthwith that consumers are also excited for contactless payment options.

Consumers are Unhesitant for Amazon One

A new Harris poll of 2,000 adults talks a lot about what customers are looking for. As per the survey, 7 out of each 10 shoppers in the U.S. would favour a shopping trip that doesn’t need any kind of human association. The survey also states that one-third of the consumers would prefer not going back to a physical store at all. This gives a thumbs up to such technologies moving forward. In another survey by Visa in August showed that 63% of consumers would prefer to switch to a retailer which offers contactless payment alternatives.

The pandemic is the major driver in the change of the behaviors, and people prefer to stick to the new habits even when coronavirus is in the past. Amazon One is going to be the way forward as it will help make things happen in a way that was never done on that scale before.

Amazon One is a palm recognition device. Shoppers only require to keep their hand nearby just so it can also read the palm, which can already be linked to a credit card. An in-store shopping could be executed with a customer never touching their hands other than the items they’re purchasing.