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American Giants Challenge Restrictions on Foreign Workers

American Giants Challenge Restrictions on Foreign Workers

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On Monday, some of the most prominent American tech companies have backed a challenge to the President’s imposed restrictions on foreign workers. 

Some giants of the technology world, including- Apple, Amazon, and Facebook, came forward and argued that the temporary visa ban would damage US firms’ base. 

This restriction has affected many tech companies and workers from India. 

Apart from this, Twitter, Microsoft, and Netflix also backed the lawsuit. This lawsuit was filed in July by the major US business entities. 

The companies stated that the President’s decision was based on “false assumptions.” According to the tech giants, it would protect American jobs as it reflects that now they need to recruit people from their own country at higher wages. 

The brief from the companies read- “Global competitors in Canada, China, and India, among others, are pouncing at the opportunity to attract well-trained, innovative individuals. And American businesses are scrambling to adjust, hiring needed talent to work in locations outside our nation’s borders,” Source: BBC.

The brief also illustrated how this restriction is going to damage American businesses, the US economy, and workers. 

On this, Facebook said that the order “uses the Covid-19 pandemic as justification for limiting immigration” and warned: “In reality, the move to keep highly skilled talent out of the US will make our country’s recovery even more difficult”. Source: BBC. 

Talking about the other giants, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, used his Twitter account to showcase his reaction to the imposed restrictions. He said that he is “deeply disappointed” by the new proclamation. On the other hand, the head of Alphabet (YouTube and Google’s parent company), Sundar Pichai, said that immigration was critical and reflected its worse impact on the success of his company and country. 

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Source: BBC