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Andhra Couple Beat Their Daughters To Death Believing They Will Be Reborn The Next Day

A couple from Andhra Pradesh’s Madanapalle in Chittoor district has allegedly bludgeoned their two daughters to death, under the belief that they would be reborn within 24 hours. 

The parents of the deceased, a couple identified as V Padmaja and V Purushotham Naidu, believed they had supernatural powers that would help them revive their dead daughters by the next day. “Give us time till the end of the night, we will bring them back,” the couple told the police who arrived at their house. The couple also told the police that they received a divine message to sacrifice their daughters as the Kali Yuga was going to end that night and they would be reborn next day at the beginning of the Satya Yuga

The victims have been identified as Alekya (27) and Sai Divya (22). Alekya had recently completed her MBA from Indian Institute of Forest Management in Bhopal and was preparing for civil services examinations while Sai Divya had recently completed her BBA and was learning music in Mumbai. Purushotham, the father is an associate professor of chemistry at a government degree college for women in Madanapalle, while Padmaja runs a private coaching institute for IIT aspirants. 

Ravi Manohara Chari, DSP of Madanapalle said that the family members had been behaving strangely since the laying down of the pandemic restrictions and had confined themselves to their home most of the time. On hearing strange loud noises from the house, locals alerted the police. Initially, the couple did not allow the police to enter the house. 

On entering the home, the police found the two girls lying dead in the puja room wrapped in red sarees, in a pool of their own blood. Police also found several ritual items at the site. 

Sai Divya was bludgeoned with a dumbbell while her sister was killed with a trident. The bodies were shifted to a local hospital after the mother acted hysterically. The girls were cremated on Monday evening. 

The couple has been taken into custody, and the police are currently looking into CCTV footage and investigating further to see if this was a case of human sacrifice, among other speculations.