Anomalous Sandstorm hits Ankara, the Turkish capital

Anomalous Sandstorm hits Ankara, the Turkish capital
source Twitter (@NaziaSharif_)

On Saturday a massive sandstorm hit Ankara, the capital city of Turkey. There are many videos that have been posted by locals, the mayor’s office and even by the General Directorate of Meteorology that shows how the giant, dark and huge dust clouds encroached the city.

As per the Ankara governor Vasip Sahin, so far six residents have been injured by the wreckage swirling in the mighty winds and lightning. 

It was also tweeted by the Directorate that it is going to rain along with the sandstorm till 1600 GMT which was unlike the weather in the capital. Since last month, people were experiencing heat waves as during this time it is usually a dry season for this part of Turkey.

The massive dust storm was on the move, therefore it issued a warning about the strong winds as well as the sandstorms to its neighbouring province which is in central Turkey called Kirikkale.

There were videos of how the sandstorm enveloped above the houses around  3:00 p.m., local time,  the winds roared to 37 km/h (23 mph) and the visibility declined by 0.80 km (0.50 of a mile) in the capital city, Ankara which led to the arrival of the extensive dust storm. Many videos around the city have been published on social media that showed how the darkness of the cloud  and the storm overtook Ankara.

There has been news reported by the locals that the tents used for the seasonal workers were blown away, few fires due to the lightning which were taken care by the firefighters bringing no significant damage to the city or the people. Sahin tweets that no major damage or no deaths have yet been reported till Saturday afternoon.

According to the weather report, there will be thunderstorms and showers across provinces in the western as well as northern Turkey till Sunday. There are chances of storms as well which is forecasted to be there till Monday.