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Apple, Google Suspend Parler App For Its Hand In The US Capitol Hill Riots

parler app

Parler app has been in the news ever since The US Capitol Hill had been raided by extremists. Authorities claimed that it was being used for malicious purposes and to spread misinformation and hatred among the population. This led major organisations such as Google, Apple and even Amazon to denounce it and remove it from the respective app stores.

Parler CEO John Matze claimed that it had not supported these riots and had no hand in the riots that shocked the country. He also bemoaned the fact that without the support of the tech giants, the company would soon be out of the markets and go bankrupt. He claimed that by doing this they were violating the Free Speech amendment by the US government. 

The app has been the go to place for extremists and Trump followers to express their views and incite further violence, reports said. The profiles that had been banned on other social media sites for violating their terms were freely allowed to communicate here. This led to a barrage of radical opinions, posts and videos that eventually influenced a lot of people to join and start the riots. 

According to sources, both Apple and Google had warned the app of the consequences if it did not curb the violent content that was streamed on it. However, the app developers paid no heed and did not censor any content. The riots were the last straw for the tech giants and they removed the app from the stores. The fact that John Matze seems to be a staunch Trump supporter is also disturbing. Following the suspension of the Ex President’s account, he took to Twitter and called the company ‘a bunch of cowards’ for doing so. 

Google called the app ‘a threat to public safety’ and refused to let the app back in 

until it sets standards for moderating these issues. Apple also has similar views and had sent an official notice before suspending the app. It stated that the company was supposed to send a moderation plan within 24 hours of the notice to be approved by the tech giants.

 Moderating content is very important on social media as there are a lot of people who spread misinformation and lies and propaganda to support political groups. Not limiting such content can act as a catalyst for people to eventually resort to violence, just as what happened in the US Capitol Hill.