Arjen Robben is All Set to Make Comeback Soon

Arjen Robben is All Set to Make Comeback Soon
Image From Rufus46 / CC BY-SA

Arjen Robben is counted amongst the top-notch footballers in Dutch, and now he is all set to come back with the first club Groningen. However, the acid player took retirement, but to help his team during the pandemic circumstances, he has decided to come back. 

He released an announcement video on Groningen’s official website and stated- “After a wonderful adventure of 18 years, we’re coming home. Back to Groningen. Coming home during this difficult time of crisis, one that also hits FC Groningen.”

In order to be a helping hand in the current tough circumstances, Virgil Van Dijk, the former Groningen defender, came forward and bought four season tickets to raffle them off to those supporters who are not able to afford it. 

Last week, the fans of Groningen started an online auction selling shoes from Van Dijk and Robben. 

Arjen Robben said- “It’s great to see how everyone is supporting the club. “I’ve supported the club as well, and it made me think about what else I could do for our club. I’ve had many conversations with the club staff. And maybe more than anything, I’ve listened to the call of our supporters: (Arjen, follow your heart).

He added- “A comeback as an FC Groningen player…I started to play with this idea, and now I’ve made it my mission. I want to make my comeback as a football player, a player of FC Groningen. At this time I’m not sure it will happen,”

 “What I am sure of is that my drive will be at 100%. It will be a tough physical challenge, but I’m going for it. I’m going to work hard, and when everything feels right, I will join the team for the first training of the new season. I hope to see everyone as soon as possible because my dream is to play in an FC Groningen jersey. We’re not there yet, but one can dream.” He said. 

Soon after the announcement, his fans started to pour their excitement to see him back on the ground.