Article 370 Anniversary: Curfew in Kashmir as Goons Plan For a ‘Black Day’ Protest

Article 370 Anniversary: Curfew in Kashmir as Goons Plan For a ‘Black Day’ Protest

Jrapczak / CC BY-SA

On August 5, India will be celebrating the first anniversary of imposing Article 370 on Jammu and Kashmir. It is a historic day for the nation to celebrate for years to come. 

With this, the local authorities fear violent protests by the hate spreaders present in the valley. However, most of the lockdown restrictions have been lifted throughout the nation, but understanding the sensitivity of the occasion and place, the ruling government has decided to continue the COVID-19 restrictions until August 8. 

As an extra tier of security, on Monday, the Srinagar administration has imposed curfew in Jammu and Kashmir till Wednesday. 

Shahid Chaudhary, District Magistrate of Srinagar, released an order stating- “ There are specific inputs about violent protests endangering public life and property,” Source: Hindustan Times. 

Further, he said public gatherings would be harmful, in terms of COVID-19 restrictions. 

On this, the DM released an order illustrating the complete list of restrictions on public movement throughout the curfew. The DM said- “The report has further made a case that to prevent such violence and loss of life and property, it is essential to impose curfew in the district,” Source: Hindustan Times. 

Omar Abdullah, the former Chief Minister, said that he expects restrictions to be followed throughout the Kashmir valley. 

Abdullah tweeted- “The preparations start a full 24 hours earlier this year compared to 2019 with Srinagar, and I presume the same is being done across the valley, being placed under strict curfew from tonight for the next two days,” Souce: Twitter. 

One of the citizens from the Old City in the district said there were COVID-19 restrictions, but the atmosphere and movement intensified after Monday evening. 

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Source: Hindustan Times