Athletics Can Grow in the Post COVID-19 World, Says Sebastian Coe

Athletics Can Grow in the Post COVID-19 World, Says Sebastian Coe

The President of World Athletics, Sebastian Coe, made some comments on athletics and illustrated how athletes could gain benefits from this new age where more people are walking, running and exercising. Also, he said that his sports will broaden its base now. 

While on an online media seminar held by Asian Athletics Federation, Coe said- “We are uniquely placed to help local, regional and national health objectives. Research has shown that throughout the lockdown, more people are exercising than before. Some research even says there is an 80 percent increase in the global exercise pattern,” Source: India TV News. 

He continued and added- “Athletics is the main beneficiary because people are doing exercise through running or walking. That is a very big asset. We will not take it for granted but will try to build on it in the post-pandemic period. We will be allowing more young people access to our sport,” Source: India TV News. 

He said that among all the sports types in the pandemic situation, athletics is in a better place, in terms of engagement and communications. 

Coe said- “As we come out of the pandemic, the world will be a complicated place. I believe our sport is stronger, better connected, communicating better, more creative, and more ingenious. We will come out stronger and with more fortitude than ever before.” Source: India TV News. 

During the online seminar, he also mentioned the tie-up with Parkrun Global Limited, UK based charity that organizes runs on weekends. 

“We are still very committed to ensuring that they (Russia) meet the sanction that was agreed to. We have a reinstatement program that allows us to be absolutely comfortable. We have a credible reinstatement report, and hopefully, we can make further progress.” he added—Source: India TV News. 

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Source: India TV News