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Attack In Niger Villages - 100 Dead

Attack Niger Village

The series of civilian massacres are taking a deadly turn day by day in the Nigerian region and the newest addition to the list is the attack in Western Nigeria. Two villages - Tchoma Bangou and Zaroumadareye have seen one of the deadliest terrorist attacks that happened in the country and several fatalities were recorded.

This Tillaberi area is currently under the direct glare of the JIhadi Terrorist organisation that is sending terror across the terrain. After the first round of the presidential election, the attack happened and almost 100 people lost their lives. The terrorists have come on 100 motorcycles and attacked people in the two villages.

The Mayor of Tondikiwindi commune, Almou Hassane, has confirmed the news and he is the one who administers and takes care of both the villages. He also added that the death count was pretty high in Tchoma Bangou when compared to Zaroumadareye. About 70 people were killed in Tchoma Bangou where as 30 died in the Zaroumaareye. He told the news to AFP, just after returning from the attack site with a face of grim and misery.

Adding to the death toll, there were about 75 people who had endured serious injuries and were being treated for the same in Niamey and Ouallam. The Terrorist group has split into two and attacked both the regions simultaneously. The attack came as a retaliation after the locals have killed two of the terrorist gang. The double massacre is undoubtedly a barbaric and disgusting stunt played by the anti-human group that has been trying to establish its stand in the region. 

Initially, the death count was quite uncertain until things unfolded and a close to accurate number popped up. The incident happened during midday when the results of the first round of Presidential elections were to be announced in the region. The local elected officials were the first ones to bring the attack to light and inform others, that quickly passed through media channels and became known to the world. 

The two villages lied four miles apart from each other and rescue operations are still on to help anyone who might continue to be suffering.