India donates Vaccine

India donates Vaccines to Rihanna’s Home Country

India is making efforts to circulate the Oxford Astrazeneca Corona-virus vaccine both within the country and also across the border. Read more further here!... Read More

Russia Pro-Navanly

Russia Expels Diplomats after they turn Pro- Navalny

Three European Diplomats from Polland, Sweden, and Germany were arrested after they were reportedly seen supporting the Protests conducted by Alexei Navalny. Read more updated news here!... Read More

Bejing Olympics 2022

Human Rights Group Calls for Boycott of Winter Olympics

About 180 organizations have urged different governments to boycott Olympics Beijing 2022 claiming that the country was snatching the basic human rights of athletes in the region. Read more updated ne... Read More

Iranian Army

Iran Conducts Surgical Strike in Pakistan

According to recent media reports, the Revolutionary Guards of Iran have conducted a surgical strike in Pakistan to free two of its guards from the clutches of Terrorists. Read more updated news here!... Read More

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Sued Over Album Name

A Utah Theme Park has accused Taylor Swift of trademark infringement. A lawsuit has been filed against Singer for the same. Read more updated news here!... Read More


From April 1st, Paypal to Stop Domestic Payment Services in India

The Global Payment Platform, Paypal, has decided to cut down on its domestic payment services in India and extend its resources and energies towards improving international business sales for Indian P... Read More

Maria Sharapova and Sachin Tendulkar

Netizens apologize to Maria Sharapova after Tendulkar makes remarks about Farmer Protests

Many Netizens have flooded the walls of Maria Sharapova’s social media accounts, apologizing for their crude behavior in the year 2015. Read more updated news here!... Read More

Golden Globes

Golden Globes 2021: Women Make History

For the first time in the History of Golden Globes 2021, three women have been shortlisted in the Best Director Nominations in a single year. Read more updated news here!... Read More

Muslim Women China

Muslim Women Subjected to Sexual Abuse in China, Say Reports

According to a BBC report that was published on Wednesday, Muslim Women who were residing in the detention camp for Ethnic Uighurs and other Muslims in the Western Regions of Xinjiang were being subje... Read More


Facebook Services Disrupted in Myanmar

The recent Military Coup has sent ripples of disappointment and grief through the people of Myanmar who were only starting to get the real taste of democracy. Read more updated news here!... Read More