Ban on Chinese Apps Will Empower the ‘Made in India’ Apps

Ban on Chinese Apps Will Empower the ‘Made in India’ Apps
Image by Vamdevtewari / CC BY-SA

This Monday, the Indian government has finally banned 59 most-installed Chinese apps in India to target China’s economy. On this, Ravi Shankar Parsad, the Union Minister for Electronics and IT, Law, and Justice said- The ban on Chinese apps is a great opportunity to build and promote ‘Made in India’ apps which will be in line with government’s Clarion Call of Atma Nirbhar Bharat,

When asked about the sudden ban on a mass of Chinese apps, the minister said- “Emergency power has been exercised, and the legal process has been followed,” 

Further, he said that usage of foreign apps with a motive must not be used. 

“I think it’s a great opportunity, can we come with good apps made by Indians (to create), Atmanirbhar Bharat. I think there is a tremendous intellectual capability and technological imaginative faculty in India to do so,” He added. Source Economic Times

Nandan Nilekani and Debjani Ghosh, Co-founder at Infosys and President at Nasscom, respectively, were present at the official gathering. Considering this opportunity as fruitful, Ravi Shankar Parsad advised both the personalities to use their technological minds and develop such apps. He said India’s government will support the young talents but would require contributions from the other end too. 

Further, he said- “There is a big scope of public private partnership, which will lead to finalisation of our way.” 

Continuing the discussion, he emphasized making India an independent hub developing its software products in the future. While conveying his thoughts on this matter, he stated- “Should we take a vow…that we will make India a big sector of software products too. We have already come up with a software product policy.”

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News Source Reference from Economic Times