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Barr Accused U.S. Tech Companies and Hollywood of “Collaborating” with China

Barr Accused U.S. Tech Companies and Hollywood of “Collaborating” with China

Image from The United States Department of Justice / Public domain

After finding out China as the true origin of COVID-19, most of the countries have decided to end healthy relationships with the nation.

Despite the world opposing China, U.S. Attorney General, William Barr says that several U.S. tech companies and Hollywood are still “collaborating” with China for business purposes.

Further, he said that companies like- Disney have agreed to censor films, and on the other hand, tech giants like- Yahoo, Google, Apple, and Microsoft are “all too willing” to collaborate with Beijing. 

For the past few weeks, tensions between the United States and China have been increasing rapidly. At the beginning of this week, President Donald Trump removed the preferential trade status of Hong Kong, to which China came up with a controversial security law for its territory. 

Barr said- “If Disney and other American corporations continue to bow to Beijing, they risk undermining both their own future competitiveness and prosperity, as well as the classical liberal order that has allowed them to thrive,” Source: BBC. 

He urged the U.S. firms to deny collaboration with Chinese and their demands. Further. He said- “If individual companies are afraid to take a stand, there is strength in numbers.” Source: BBC. 

While criticizing the U.S. technology brands, he said that the companies “allowed themselves to become pawns of Chinese influence.” Source: BBC.

Without presenting evidence for the statement, Barr claimed the Chinese government to be accessing Apple’s phones while the tech giant has not allowed data access to the U.S. government. He called it a “double standard that has been emerging among American tech companies.” Source: BBC. 

Adding to this, he said- “Do you think when Apple sells phones in China, that Apple phones in China are impervious to penetration by Chinese authorities? They wouldn’t be sold if they were impervious to Chinese authorities,” Source: BBC. 

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Source: BBC