Bayern Munich Opens Title Defeating Atletico Madrid – Kingsley Coman Shines In The Victory Environment

Bayern Munich Opens Title Defeating Atletico Madrid

Kingsley Coman, the winger of Bayern Munich, scored 2 out of 4 goals in a match with Atletico Madrid on Wednesday. Bayern Munich defeated Madrid with a score of 4-0. Coman’s performance was splendid as he drove the ball home twice. When asked, Coman mentioned that he was extremely satisfied with his performance during the match. Apart from Coman, Leon Goretzka and Corentin Tolisso scored the other two goals which led the team to victory. 

There was a slight uncertainty hovering over the team before the match as Serge Gnabry tested positive for Covid 19 and the match was rumored to be postponed. However, with the rest of the team testing negative for the virus, UEFA gave a green light for the match to proceed as normal. 

Coman had finished off the last season with a winning goal, making everyone bite their nails in anticipation and excitement during the match. Coman stated that while last season’s victory was a good motivator, he had high aspirations from the current season. Coach Hansi Flick, who has trained the team for its 12-year consecutive winning streak, said that he was definitely proud of what the team has achieved during the match. 

On the other hand, the defeat of Atletico Madrid has been one of the worst that the team has faced under its coach Diego Simone. The competitiveness of both the teams had the audience at the edge of their seats as the match proceeded. The defense of Bayern Munich was a strong one as the players did not allow the offense to score even a single score. 

The last goal was a thrilling one as Coman clearly saved his energy for the end, moving effortlessly between the players to strike the goal. It is this finesse and grace that left everybody in awe of the player. Goals by Goretzka and Tolisso were impressive as well. The ball was passed from Coman to Goretzka who then drove it into the goalpost, making the score 2-0 at half time.