BCCI President, Ganguly Announces Asia Cup Cancellation

BCCI President, Ganguly Announces Asia Cup Cancellation
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On Wednesday, BCCI President, Sourav Ganguly announced the cancellation of Asia Cup T20 scheduled for September. The decision has been taken after witnessing the worsening state of COVID-19 nationwide. 

As per reports, PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) had the right to host the six-team continental event, but due to the corona outbreak, the board decided to swap it with Sri Lanka. 

While on Instagram live with ‘Sports Tak,’ the BCCI President said- “Asia Cup cancel ho chuka hai, jo September me tha (Asia Cup, which was to be held in September, has been canceled),” Source: Instagram. 

The Pakistan Cricket Board has confirmed to host the event in 2022, and for the next year, Sri Lanka will be hosting the series. 

Ehsan Mani, Pakistan Cricket Board Chief, said that there is no political angle to the decision taken. The final resolution is the result of the worsening situation of the corona outbreak. 

He further added- “The Asian Cricket Council is looking at organising it next year. It is too dangerous to host it this year. We had swapped the event with Sri Lanka this year because it is one of the least affected (in South Asia) from the virus,” Source: Times of India. 

“We were originally going to host it but when I looked at the COVID situation in UAE and Pakistan and other South Asia countries, the only country which was ahead of the cycle was Sri Lanka and most likely to conduct the event. So Sri Lanka Cricket and PCB discussed it, we put the swap proposal to the ACC and it was approved by the board. There was no politics, it was just for sake of preserving cricket and nothing else,” Ehsan said. Source: Times of India. 

On this, Ganguly said- “It is tough to say now as no one knows when the virus situation improves. Our preparations are in place but we can only implement them on the ground. Stadiums are open but players are not going to train there because chances of getting infected are high,” Source: Times of India. 

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Source: Times of India