Belgium Bans The Leisure Travel Till March

Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay

Belgium has decided to ban leisure travel for all its citizens until the month of March. The ban will come into effect from next week and this is a serious attempt to stop the spread of COVID-19 infection and also the new strain that is doing the rounds. The Prime Minister of Belgium, Alexander de Croo said that when people travel, the virus also travels along with them. That is why the ban becomes necessary in situations like this. 

He further added that any foreigners or travelers who will enter the country through South America, South Africa, and Britain regions will have to comply with the strict 10-day quarantine. 

The ban will only be applicable for leisure or recreational travel plans while the business plans, urgent travels, and travel on humanitarian grounds will remain undisturbed. The movement of workers and essential goods will also continue without any interruption. The main reason the government decided to take this step is the increase in COVID case count during the holiday season. Because of returning travelers and also the free rein to be at your favorite place during the holiday times, the spread of the virus increased significantly. 

This also happens to be the skiing season for the Belgium citizens and most of them would have already made plans to be at the Alps for some unwinding time. But the Government has strictly announced that no travel plans should be made for such activities during the month of February. 

Similar to this, the European Union is also introducing the dark red zones which is a very subtle way to call them the red zones for COVID 19. These are the areas where the number of cases is at the highest. Anyone who happens to exit these zones to travel to other areas is supposed to get tested before departure and also agree to any quarantine requests if necessary. The European Union is letting every country make appropriate rules that can curb down the fast-spreading virus and keep their citizens safe.