Berlin Marathon 2020: Update

Berlin Marathon 2020: Update
Image By Marco Verch is a Professional Photographer and Speaker from Cologne.

By the time 2020 started, everyone had been keeping an eye on the Berlin Marathon 2020. In late April, the Berlin Marathon 2020 was rescheduled for 27th September 2020 due to the sudden coronavirus pandemic. Now, witnessing the current circumstances in the world, the organizers have updated the latest update. 

On Wednesday, the organizers of the Berlin Marathon 2020 announced to cancel the much-awaited event for this year. In 2019, the event attracted more than 62,000 runners and was expected to have a bigger footfall in 2020. 

While declaring the event cancellation, the Race Director Juergen Jock said- “Due to the weather conditions alone and shortening days, it’s very difficult to hold the Berlin Marathon… before the end of this year,”

“The question of whether athletes will be able to travel internationally again by then cannot be answered now. As hard as we have tried, it is currently not possible to organise the BMW Berlin-Marathon with its usual Berlin charm,” 

“Your health, as well as all of our health, is our first priority. Therefore, taking into account the Containment Measures Ordinance due to the Covid-19 pandemic… the Berlin Marathon 2020 will not be able to take place.” He added.

Since April, Berlin has banned events or gatherings of more than 5,000 participants/ people, and this has led to the cancellation of the event. Further to this, usually, more than 45,000 runners participate in the marathon. The organizers said that conducting the marathon after keeping the German Government’s social-distancing norms in mind was difficult. 

In 2018, a runner, Eliud Kipchoge from Kenya, made a marathon world record by completing the entire marathon in 2:01:39. It was the eighth time that Berlin took away the world record. 

In October 2019, Eliud Kipchoge completed the marathon in 1:59:40 in Vienna, but the time was not considered for the world record as the marathon event was not an open competition. 

Similar to this, earlier this year, another marathon in New York was canceled due to the corona outbreak. 

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