From Beyonce to Timberlake, Stars Openly Support for 2020 Presidential Candidates

From Beyonce to Timberlake, Stars Openly Support for 2020 Presidential Candidates
Image by Gage Skidmore

2020 has brought a change in the Presidential Election; citizens are coming out and voting this time. Hollywood stars are also taking this election very seriously, and many stars have endorsed officially for the candidate they support openly and have taken it to the social media as well.

Celebrities donated money to presidential campaigns and also appeared on the campaign trail. Others took it to remind people of America to cast their vote and let their voices be heard by participating in the election process. Many musicians created songs giving a social message out there, and some made lyrics in the form to ask triggering questions.

In Pennsylvanian, Justin Timberlake crashed the Zoom meeting phone bankers for Joe Biden on Monday and later shared a clip along with a heartfelt message of thanks to the volunteers on his Instagram handle. He made a point to mention explicitly to them who have worked behind the scenes for the presidential campaign and also called them the real rock stars.

Mark Hamill joined The Lincoln Project for a new ad criticising President Trump’s menace to nullify absentee tallies that arrives in after November 3rd and also stated facts from history starting from the Civil War times, where the votes of the soldiers were not accepted. 

He sent it out loud and clear, stating that Donald Trump doesn’t decide the future of America.

Beyoncé openly endorsed Joe Biden and posted on Instagram on November 2nd, where she was wearing a mask that read ‘Biden Harris’ and captioned it with calling out Texas to vote.

Harrison Ford also endorsed Joe Biden through a Zoom session with Mike Bloomberg, former New York City Mayor on November 2nd. He also said that we need to work together towards climate change and to get people of America voting for the future.