Biden unveils US Economic relief Package

Before taking up the responsibilities as the President of America, Joe Biden has announced a $1.9tn stimulus plan for the coronavirus impacted - US economy. The move is a smart measure to provide support to the citizens and bring a  positive momentum to the US economy, especially when everything ceased and didn’t function during the hard times. 

The announced plan will be distributed properly in different sectors and the President elect promised that he will not forget his people. Out of the entire money, $1bn will be sent to households. $1400 direct deposits will be made into individual accounts of all American citizens. A $415bn amount has been put aside to effectively fight the virus, do the research work, enhance the healthcare conditions and get supplies. The $440bn will be distributed to support small businesses that have seen the brunt during the lockdown period. 

The pandemic has killed 385,000 people and the spread has been quite alarming at one point. Joe Biden, a democrat, has promised that all measures will be taken to provide proper care to the infected and decrease the death toll. Parallely, initiatives will be taken to restore the businesses and extend the helping hand to those who are finding it very difficult to function with virus showing its worst side. 

The announcement came as a breath of fresh air in the times where the news of the new strain is spreading fear across people. The daily cases have rised to 200,000 and upto 4000 new deaths are being reported everyday. 

Addressing the crowd, Joe Biden said that a crisis of deep human suffering is in place and everyone has to act immediately. The very health of the nation is in stake and immediate attention to the problem is the need of the hour. He said that the path wouldn’t be easy but he is ready to stay transparent with his people. He will let the people know about both the progress they are making and also the setbacks that they are facing. 

The talks are in place to invest $20bn into vaccinating the AMericans, setting up the vaccine hubs and also dispatching mobile units of the vaccine. Joe Biden promised that he would do a better job than Trump to handle the COVID situation and seems like the baby steps are being taken.