Bird Flu Outbreak Reaches Multiple States In India, Officials To Hold A Meeting Soon

Bird Flu
Image by Bernd Focken from Pixabay

India has been reporting multiple cases of Bird flu recently. Major states such as Delhi, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana have confirmed the disease as the reason for the sudden and unexpected bird deaths. States such as Jammu and Kashmir and Chattisgarh have been placed on high alert due to the avian virus. 

Around 800 birds have died in Maharashtra, while Haryana leads the chart with 4 lakh death toll. The Government officials stated that they're taking all the required measures to reduce the spread of the virus. Animal vaccines are being tested and will be administered to the poultry bids soon. The officials have also warned people to be careful as the virus is 'zoonotic', i.e can infect humans as well. 

Maharashtra's Murumba village reported 8000 infected birds out of which 800 had died. The officials have ordered for all of the culling of all the birds. Other hard hit places include Alappuzha, Kerala where thousands of birds have been put down due to the virus. Government officials said they would provide PPE kits to the people to help them deal with the infected birds. They have also advised the poultry workers to take all the necessary precautions to avoid getting infected

Bird flu outbreaks happen in India due to migratory birds that visit the country in winter months. Also, the human involvement in handling birds helps the further spread, say scientists. 

However, scientists have stated that the virus cannot be spread by properly cooked meat and eggs. The government reassured that it will help educate people on the ways in which virus can spread in order to prevent the loss of income for poultry farmers. The virus is spread by body fluids of the birds and is destroyed by heat. Properly cooked meat has no chance of containing the bird flu virus. The poultry eggs have a slightly higher chance of spreading as they contain bird feces and other matter from the poultry birds. However, properly cleaned eggs that are cooked properly pose lower threat. 

Central government has advised the state governments to ensure that the avian flu is not spread to humans, or to other locations. The Ministry of Animal Husbandry is in works to provide every state with animal vaccines to curb this outbreak.