Bruno: The Brazilian Goal Keeper Booked in Kidnap & Murder Case

Bruno: The Brazilian GoalKeeper Booked in Kidnap & Murder Case
Jpfreitas0107 / CC BY-SA

Bruno’s unique style of hitting the top-right corner of the net and scoring excellent goals for this team will remain memorable for each of his fans. The ace player will continue to spread his charm until he is put behind bars for kidnapping and heinously killing a woman. 

On 25th June 2010, the news channels were all glued to Brazil not to cover the World Cup game updates but to seek insights into a domestic violence case. 

According to the cop’s report, Flamengo skipper Bruno Fernandes de Souza was one of the prominent suspects in the kidnap and brutal murder of the popular model and actress Eliza Samudio. 

Despite being Brazil’s most-preferred goalkeeper, Bruno was not available for the match with the national team in South Africa when the actress’s murder took place. The allegations on Bruno went stronger when his austere manager Dunga didn’t pick him. 

Even after all these suspicious aspects, Bruno was considered as one of the vital members of the team. Witnessing his exceptional performance in domestic matches, Bruno was expected to be making his international debut in the Football World Cup 2014, wearing Brazil’s jersey. 

But the news of Bruno and Eliza sharing a short-term relationship turned the story on another path. 

On 13th October, Eliza filed a report to the Rio police stating Bruno and his childhood friend, Luiz Romao, kidnapped & insisted her take abortion medicine. Also, she accused both (Bruno and Luiz Romao) of beating her brutally and Bruno pointing a gun on her head.

To return, Bruno defended his case by denying Elize’s statements. He said- “It’s not the first time she’s lied to get me in trouble,”

“She cannot cope with the fact I do not want to be in a relationship with her. I will not give this lady the 15 minutes of fame she wants so much.” He added. 

At present, after ten years (approximately), Bruno is still presenting his case and trying to get his son’s (Eliza’s child) custody. 

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