California wildfire update: Rescuers have been airlifted

California wildfire update: Rescuers have been airlifted
Bjorgialt / CC BY-SA

The fire, which commenced Friday, exploded to a massive 135,523 acres by Monday evening in the Sierra Nevada mountains. It was zero percent enclosed. Many people were rescued from a conflagration in California’s Sierra National Forest yesterday, as per the California Army National Guard.

There was a heavy smoke that made it very difficult for the helicopters to land, but somehow it was made possible which helped to rescue 52 people who were trapped by the Creek Fire on Monday.

Fires have now burned by at least two dozen homes in the small mountain town of Big Creek as said by officials. Fresno County Sheriff’s Office alerted residents yesterday to be set to evacuate as the flames were visible from the towns of Tollhouse and Aubrey. Pacific Gas and Electric Company announced it was closing off power in 22 counties in central and northern California due high winds projected from today which will increase the risk of shooting the red flame even further.  

Update on California Wildfire –

  • – Early yesterday, the California National Guard initiated efforts to encompass groups of hikers and campers.
  • – 50 people had already been forced to house at the Vermilion Valley Resort on Sunday.
  • – Yesterday 3 helicopters were sent to the area to rescue the hikers.
  • – Roughly 150 people and 6 dogs were rescued on Tuesday as of now.
  • – Almost 200 hikers were also rescued from the area over the weekend.
  • – It was also stated that firefighters were out of the water on Saturday night but the plant employees established a new water supply.
  • – Daniel Swain, a climate scientist at UCLA, said the fire was so intense that it had created its downpours with lightning and wind, but no rain is expected.
  • – 2 million acres have burned in California till now. 

California has perceived approximately 1,000 wildfires from 15 August, frequently started by lightning strikes. California is currently undergoing a historic heatwave. As of now, more than 14,000 firefighters are battling 25 significant fires in California.