Canada seems to be able to flatten the curve than the US

Canada seems to be able to flatten the curve than the US

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

There have been many restrictions and Canadians have been in the news regarding their sexual behavior. When everyone was busy making plans for the Labor Day weekend Canada’s Chief health officer made a statement for the public to wear the mask while having sex and to also avoid kissing to prevent passing the COVID-19 infection. Dr. Theresa Tam has served in WHO oversight committee also stated that sexual activity during this pandemic could be a risky business.

Conceivably careful of the necessity to converse directly to young Canadians as pandemic weariness sets in and a further careless approach takes hold, Dr. Tam didn’t chip away at words — even if it involved breaking our nationwide taboos. On the contrary, precisely the sort of straightforward and direct public health messaging was the need of the hour which the US fails to flatten the curve.

Huge differences in numbers

– There was the highest number of cases as well as deaths in the world in the US over 6.3 million and almost 190,000 respectively as recorded on Labor Day.

– Since Memorial Day weekend the cases are increasing making it worse for the US.

-Canada has managed to get its daily COVID-19 cases to less than 1/4 of what it used to be at the peak in the month of May. (1571 vs 247 as of Monday).

How is Canada doing it?

Canadians are not a rule-breaker they are rule-followers, this kind of people that have made them flatten the curve.  They all adhere to the government orders of wearing a mask or staying at home etc. The government’s straightforward and direct public health messaging is actually giving the citizen the true story and parental-like information is something that is helping the country to fight against Coronavirus unlike the United States, where the cases per capita are five times than in Canada.