Thursday, October 22, 2020
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Bella Hadid Speaks About Her Black Mates Bearing Racism in the Fashion World

While in an interview with ELLE Magazine, Bella Hadid, a famous American model, shared her views on the level of racism in the world of fashion. Read full coverage here!

Levi’s Unravels its Most Imperishable Jeans of all Times

One of the leading denim brands - Levi's has launched its one of the most sustainable jeans of all time now. Read more here!
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Tesla Increases Its Global Reach By Using Its China Gigafactory

Elon Musk is quite popular for his Twitter batter and when he is not spending too much time on social media, he is seen making decisions that will profit his company at a global level. Read full news here!

Nag Anti-tank Completes Trials, Ready For Induction

DRDO has announced during the early hours of Oct 22nd, that the Nag Anti-tank Missile has completed its 10 trials successfully and is ready for induction now. Read full news here!

‘Worst Chris’ – Twitter Gangs Up Against Chris Pratt And His Mcu Co-stars Stand By Him.

Twitter users can be quite notorious when it comes to creating new tags and competitions on the platform. It has been a while since the ‘Best Chris’ tag has been circulating among Twitter enthusiasts. Read further here!

Yellow Is The Color Of The 6th Day Of Navratri

22nd October happens to be the 6th day of the 9-day festival that celebrates the strength of a feminine deity and her strong stance against injustice. Read more here!