Thursday, October 29, 2020
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The vaccine may Arrive by Thanksgiving, Pfizer says

The CEO of Pfizer Inc. Albert Bourla said in an open letter published on Friday states that it won't be possible to get the vaccine made before the election day. Read full news here!

Europe: Closing Schools is Latest Front in COVID-19 Fight

Dark spots that show zones of high COVID-19 infection are staining the map of Europe as governments struggle to avert another series of total lockdowns, still by practising unpopular settlements to close schools, gyms and bars. Read full news here!

U.S. Covid-19 Hospitalizations Reach Highest Level in Six Weeks

More than 41,000 new Covid-19 positive cases, whereas hospitals in many of the components of the nation skipped surging numbers of patients infected with the viral attack. Read further !

WHO Said Aarogya Setu app Helped Identify Covid-19 Assemblages

Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus of the World Health Organization stated that India's coronavirus contact tracing app has been helping to identify clusters where there is a chance of an increase in Covid-19 cases. Read further here!

COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Halted by Johnson & Johnson As Participant Falls Ill

On Monday, Johnson & Johnson halted its coronavirus vaccine trial as one of the participants became even more ill. Read complete news here!

2020 Nobel: Three Scientists Share Prize in Physiology or Medicine

Charles M Rice, Michael Houghton and Harvey J Alter receive the Medicine Nobel for their work that helped define a significant source of blood-borne hepatitis. Read further here!

Next 48 Hours Critical for Trump

Donald Trump was admitted to Walter Reed Medical Center after he was tested positive for coronavirus on Friday. Read full news here!

U.S. Coronavirus Updates: NYC Open Schools, Disney To Lay off, Illinois Gov. Pritzker in Isolation

The U.S. coronavirus cases have crossed more than 7.1 million and have recorded 205,000 deaths, as on Tuesday by Johns Hopkins University data. Read more here!

Trump Reviles Science, Prioritizes Politics: 200,000 Dead

The nation's COVID-19 death toll is over 200,000, and President Donald Trump administration routinely rejected experts' evaluations of the gravity of the pandemic. Read all news here!

Europeans May Go Under 2nd Lockdown as COVID Rises

Again with the increase in COVID-19 cases on Monday British authorities said governments across all the European countries are planning to impose lockdown with stricter measures. Read more here!

Global Coronavirus Positive Cases Crosses 30 Million

The coronavirus cases around the globe today cross 30 million, as stated by Johns Hopkins University.It is devastating to know that almost 940,000 deceased since Covid-19 outbreak began in China around December 2019. Read more here!

Dr. Fauci says to Take Vitamin C and D Supplements to Reduce the Risk

The American physician and immunologist Dr Anthony Fauci said that the immune-boosting supplements do anything until you have a deficiency instead opt for two vitamins to keep your immune system healthy. Read more here!
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Hej! Amazon Begins in Sweden to expand in Europe

Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers in Europe, and on October 28th, it decided to take the next step and make an effort to be more localized in its approach. More here!

Hong Kong Bars Air India Flights for the Fourth Time

Hong Kong has prevented Air India flights coming from Mumbai till November 10th following several passengers on its flight beginning this week tested positive for coronavirus after full news here!

Champions League: Ronaldo Furious at Missing Barcelona Clash

The football legend had first tested positive for coronavirus positive on October 13th while playing with Portugal and was in self-isolation after returning to Italy. Read further here!

NEW ORLEANS: Hurricane Zeta hammers Gulf Coast

On Wednesday Hurricane Zeta slams into a storm-weary Gulf Coast. Read full coverage here!