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India donates Vaccine

India donates Vaccines to Rihanna’s Home Country

India is making efforts to circulate the Oxford Astrazeneca Corona-virus vaccine both within the country and also across the border. Read more further here!... Read More

China Covid-19

China Using Anal Swab Testing For High Risk Patients Of Covid

Chinese medical facilities are now using a new, slightly more invasive form of Covid-19 testing : anal testing. Read more updated news here!... Read More

Dr V Shanta

Cancer Institute Founder And Senior Oncologist V Shanta Passes Away

Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan awardee, a doyen of cancer care, Dr. V Shanta has passed away at 93. Read more updated news here!... Read More

Indian Navy

Indian Navy to Conduct second session of Largest Coastal Defence Exercise

The Indian Navy announced that they will be conducting the second session of the Largest Coastal Defence Exercise - ‘Sea Vigil-21’ on January 12-13. Read more news here!... Read More

parler app

Apple, Google Suspend Parler App For Its Hand In The US Capitol Hill Riots

Parler app has been in the news ever since The US Capitol Hill had been raided by extremists. Authorities claimed that it was being used for malicious purposes and to spread misinformation and hatred ... Read More

Corona vaccine

Dry Run Of The Corona Vaccine To Be Conducted Today

The news of the vaccine has come as a breath of fresh air and the government is leaving no stones unturned to make things right for everyone. Read more updated news here!... Read More

Mysterious Monolith Ahmedabad

In A First For India, Mysterious Monolith Now Appears In A Park In Ahmedabad

Over the last months, several mysterious ‘monoliths’ have been appearing in several different parts of the world. Read this mysterious full news here!... Read More

Study Says the Himalayas Have An Aerosol Effect

Study Says the Himalayas Have An Aerosol Effect

Scientists have kept a close watch on the nature and course of the wind that blows from above the Everest and other Himalayan terrains and the studies now say that they act as ‘Aerosol Factories’. Rea... Read More

Great Conjunction Christmas star

The Christmas Star - Historic Conjunction Of Jupiter and Saturn

Stargazers are in for an end of the year treat as Jupiter and Saturn come together in vibrant planetary conjunction, which will be visible in the night sky on the 21st of December. Read updates here!... Read More

Raja Chari

Meet Raja Chari- The Indian-American Astronaut Being Sent To The Moon By Nasa!

Raja Chari, an Indian American US Air-Force colonel made headlines by being selected as the Commander of the SpaceX Crew-3 more here!... Read More