Thursday, October 22, 2020
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Antarctica Here We Come! – First US Spring Flight To Arrive Since Early May

Antarctica is by far the only continent without Coronavirus, and there has been a serious global effort to ensure that workers and scientists travelling are not bringing the virus along with them. Read full news here!

Flights To And From The UAE From All Countries

On Wednesday, Dubai will now be able to use its airspace _ a statement allowing Israel to follow a deal to normalize UAE-Israel relations. Read full news here!

US Administration Suspends Private Charter Flights to Cuba

Recently, the United States administration has suspended all the private charter flights to Cuba. Read more news here!

Travellers From France to the UK Will Remain Under 14-Days Quarantine

People traveling to the United Kingdom from France or the Netherlands will have to undergo a forced quarantine time of 14 days. More news here!

US Holds Off A Hike In Tariffs in EU Airbus

Recently, the United States said that it would hold off a tariff hike on $7.5 billion worth of UK and European based goods. The tariff has been imposed as a punishment for plane-maker Airbus subsidies. Here's more!

Indian Workers with Valid Visa Can Travel to UAE

As a part of the Central Government’s initiative ‘Vande Bharat Mission,’ the Indian workers having valid visas can travel to UAE. Read more here!

JianKou: Photogenic Spot of China’s Great Wall

After coronavirus travel restrictions, people would be able to see a major segment of the Great Wall of China. Till then, JianKou has been stealing everyone’s attention these days! Here's more!

Economic Recovery and Growth is Impossible Without Full-Proof COVID-19 Testing Plan: U.S. Travel CEOs

Considering the present circumstances and worrying about the travel industry, the CEOs of more than 14 travel companies have sent a letter to the President of the United States. Read more here!

‘Status Quo’ Remains on the Travel Agreement

The Indian government has announced to be operating more than 105 flights to the UAE as a part of VBM (Vande Bharat Mission) from August 1 to 15. Read more here!

India’s One of the Largest Forts is a Rent-Free Home to Thousands of People

Rajasthan's biggest fort, and it has been found that thousands of families have been living there for decades now, without paying anything for the same. Read complete news here!

Now International Flights Can Be Booked Via Online Portals

Earlier this week, the Indian government gave the nod to the operations of international flights to German, France, and the United States. Here's more !

International Flights from India to Start Soon

After a long break of 2-3 months, international flights are set to fly again. This has proved to be the biggest relief to Indians having their families in foreign countries. Here's complete news!
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Bayern Munich Opens Title Defeating Atletico Madrid – Kingsley Coman Shines In The Victory Environment

Kingsley Coman, the winger of Bayern Munich, scored 2 out of 4 goals in a match with Atletico Madrid on Wednesday. Read full coverage here!

Tesla Increases Its Global Reach By Using Its China Gigafactory

Elon Musk is quite popular for his Twitter batter and when he is not spending too much time on social media, he is seen making decisions that will profit his company at a global level. Read full news here!

Nag Anti-tank Completes Trials, Ready For Induction

DRDO has announced during the early hours of Oct 22nd, that the Nag Anti-tank Missile has completed its 10 trials successfully and is ready for induction now. Read full news here!

‘Worst Chris’ – Twitter Gangs Up Against Chris Pratt And His Mcu Co-stars Stand By Him.

Twitter users can be quite notorious when it comes to creating new tags and competitions on the platform. It has been a while since the ‘Best Chris’ tag has been circulating among Twitter enthusiasts. Read further here!