Center- Farmer Talks To Take Place Today About The Announced Farmer Laws

Farmer's Protest
Randeep Maddoke; randeepphotoartist@gmail.com, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

The tensions between the government and the farmers still remain prevalent over the 3 farm laws that were announced in the month of September 2020. There have been several talks in the past, some being very strong while the other ended on neutral grounds. On January 4th, 2021, the government and the farmers will indulge in a 7th round of talks regarding two major aspects.

The main topics of discussion will be to annul the three farm laws and also to extend legal status to minimum support price and guarantee that it will be implemented from here on. The farmers have been protesting and complaining about the new laws for a while now. They’ve been camping in the harsh cold and rains of the capital, and now warned the centre that they will conduct a tractor rally on Republic day if the centre pays no heed to their demands.

In the 6th meetings or the last meeting, the topic of attention were 4 demands in which two were agreed upon mutually. These happen to be the withdrawal of the Electricity Amendment Bill and penal provisions for stubble burning in the Air Quality Commission Ordinance. But even after this, the discontent still remained over the main farm laws that were announced. The opposition government is also not leaving any stones unturned to persuade the farmers towards protesting for their rights.

The farmer representatives who sat for the 6th meeting on 30th December have come out and said that the Government did not show interest to annul the Farm laws because their implementation has already been propelled and it is a very long process to bring it to a halt. The centre has also come out and said that it won’t be indulging in making support price guaranteed, however, it will probably place a committee to look into the matter in the coming times. That seems like no reassurance to the farmers and that is why the new talks are being initiated.

Swaraj India Chief, Yogendra Yadav, has said that “If the government doesn’t pay heed to our demands, we will protest by marching towards Delhi from Shahjahanpur border next week”