China Plans to Send 4 Attack Drones to Pakistan, In Return India Set to Revive Predator- B Plan

China Plans to Send 4 Attack Drones to Pak, In Return India Set to Revive Predator- B Plan
Wing Loong II side view Mztourist / CC BY-SA

China has been widely known for manufacturing and selling strike drone Wing Loong II and reconnaissance to many countries in West Asia and Asia. This made China the largest exporter of armed drones and reconnaissance in the world. 

These days, China plans to give Pakistan four fully-armed drones to safeguard the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and the new base camp of the People’s Liberation Army at Gwadar Port.

Gwadar has been seen as the crown jewel of China with its massive investment of $60 billion in the belt and other road initiative projects in Pakistan. Gwadar is the highly tensed area located in the southwestern province of Baluchistan. 

As per reports, China plans to supply two sets of systems, each containing two fully-armed drones and a ground station. With this, Beijing has expressed its firm plans to produce 48 GJ-2 drones together. This drone is seen as the military version of Wing Loong II, which has been designed in and by China to strengthen Pakistan’s Air Force. 

According to an arms transfer database report by SIPRI (the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute), so far, China has delivered more than 163 UAVs to a dozen countries like- Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Algeria, United Arab Emirates, and Turkmenistan in a decade (2008 to 2018).

China does not have any second thought about its weapon usage like the United States that follows an illustrated process and issues regulations for the usage of their high-end weapons. 

As per reports, China’s armed drones have 12 air-to-surface missiles. At present, the UAE-backed forces in Libya are using these armed drones against the Turkish-backed government in Tripoli. 

Further, as per a non-profit Drone Wars U.K., in the last two months, four of them were shot down. 

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Source-Hindustan Times