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“China Has Taken Our Land and Government of India is Behaving Like Chamberlain,” Says Rahul Gandhi

“China Has Taken Our Land and Government of India is Behaving Like Chamberlain,” Says Rahul Gandhi

Rajasekharan Parameswaran at English Wikipedia / CC BY-SA

Rahul Gandhi, an Indian Politician and the President of the Indian National Congress, referred to late Neville Chamberlain, former British Prime Minister for his failed policy of appeasement on Nazi Germany Before World War II. Gandhi did so to highlight the actions of the Modi government towards Indo-China’s recent tensions. 

On Saturday afternoon, Gandhi tweeted and criticized the Indian government in power for the recent political resolutions taken. He said that India would have to pay a “huge price because of the government’s cowardly actions”, Source: Twitter. 

Further, he said- “China has taken our land, and the Government of India is behaving like Chamberlain. This will further embolden China”. Source: Twitter. 

While writing these statements on his Twitter account, Gandhi shared a video of Rajnath Singh, the Defense Minister of India, addressing the Indian Army soldiers appointed at the Ladakh border. In the video, Singh says, “not an inch of our land can be taken by any power in the world”. Source: Twitter. 

The Prime Minister of India, Narender Modi, gave similar statements on the Indo-China border in Ladakh, India. 

The Congress Party has been opposing every decision taken by the government on this matter since the beginning. 

Earlier, Narender Modi said- “Neither is anyone inside our territory nor are any of our posts captured”. Source: NDTV. 

The PM’s office issued a statement of clarification on this matter, but the politicians from Congress Party interpreted it and said that China had already occupied the Indian territory. 

Last week, Gandhi referred to an outline news outlet report “Government Misleading Media on Chinese Disengagement Along LAC” to target India’s ruling government party. 

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Source: NDTV