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China Imposes Lockdown In Province As Coronavirus Virus Cases Double In One Day

China Lockdown Coronavirus
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The province of Hebei has been placed under strict lockdown after Shijiazhuang city reported a sharp rise in cases in a single day. The city reported 63 new cases out of which 20 people were positively infected and 43 were asymptomatic. This brings the total number of cases to 117 which pushed the authorities to place a city-wide lockdown. 

Most of these cases are asymptomatic and the authorities have urged as many people as possible to get tested. Out of the 117 cases reported, at least 75 are without symptoms but could still transmit the infection to other people. 

All transport channels to and from the city have been suspended and the population of 11 Lakh people have been ordered to stay at home and maintain the appropriate social distancing as advised by WHO and CDC. Chinese CDC warns the population that these cases could rise again and hence to stay safe.

The officials are being extra careful as the city will be hosting a few events of the Olympics next year. The country wants to take absolutely no risk and aims to conduct the competitions smoothly without any issues. 

The coronavirus pandemic that began in November 2019 has still not ended as countries battle the rising infections. China has been the epicentre of this disaster that killed millions of people worldwide and faced a lot of backlash due to this. However, as newer strains are being identified in different countries, it is clear that the virus is mutating at a very fast rate to infect more and more people. 

China’s nationwide cases had dropped to an all-time low and Wuhan, i.e the most affected city had released its last infected patient recently. However, with the changing weather, a small number of cases have been rising sporadically across the country. The country claims that these new cases are the result of the virus originating in the UK and that it definitely wasn’t a local variant. 

The government has been doing its best to prevent another outbreak. All schools in the surrounding area have been closed and the population is being tested regularly for more cases. All villages, small towns and cities are under rigorous testing by PPE kit wearing medics.