China Infringes Nepal land and Builds Infra

China Infringes Nepal land and Builds Infra
Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay Image by Michael Christen from Pixabay

In Karnali province of Nepal, PLA of China has successfully constructed 9 buildings in the remote district Humla. The encroachment has happened 2 km from the Nepal-China border in Lapcha-Limi area which was actually spotted months ago by the chairman of the Namkha municipality, Vishnu Bahadur Lama, confirmed sources.

This issue came into notice when Lama was not allowed to tour the area by the Chinese soldiers. They were also obstructing local villagers from accessing the site where the buildings are situated. This made him suspicious, and he reported to the local district officials and then they made the team and visited the location somewhere from August 30 to September 9.

The team lately presented the report to the Nepalese ministry of home affairs as well as the ministry of foreign affairs. It is a fact that China, for several years, has been building inroads into the Lapcha-Limi area.

A decade ago China had constructed a building in Lapcha-Limi in the area that borders the Tibet Autonomous Region and a clear view of the Kailash Mansarovar. China stated that it was the veterinary centre for goods-carrying animals for both countries.

Another Source who is aware of the socio-economic landscape informed TOI that almost all people of Lapcha-Limi area and different parts of Humla are reliant on work at the Taklakot mandi in the Tibet Autonomous Region. Reports say that near the Tibet Autonomous Region that China has been redirecting the route of rivers by constructing roads. This will result in rivers flowing into Nepal being modified, enabling China to hold the land near those rivers declaring it to be part of its territory.

A member of Nepalese Congress who is from Humla area, has taken this up to put pressure on the Oli government to get the land back from PLA. The leader also said that discussion is going on with China and are putting pressure to release their land.