China Launched its Final Satellite in BeiDou-3 Navigation System Successfully

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On Tuesday’s morning, China launched the final satellite into the orbit. With this, China displayed that it does not require to rely on GPS (Global Positioning System) anymore. The United States government owns the GPS. 

This launch was scheduled for last week, but it delayed due to some technical obstacles found during the pre-launch test of the satellite. The final satellite instigation has been marked as China’s advancement as a space power in the world.  

The satellite launch was covered and broadcasted live from the Xichang’s Satellite Launch Base. Within half an hour of the launch, the final satellite was deployed in orbit while extending its powerful solar panels releasing more energy. 

The system’s chief designer, Yang Changfeng said- “In actual fact, this also signifies that we are moving from being a major nation in the field of space to becoming a true space power,”

A Military Expert from Beijing acknowledged BeiDou as a prominent factor ten folding the potential of the Chinese military. While explaining his point, he said- “With our own navigation and location system that has good precision, China’s missiles, drones and other vehicles can rely on our own technology without having to worry about signal losses, and this can help [our military] to better coordinate force deployment and logistical support,”

The planning and work process to launch a Chinese satellite system began in 1994.  BeiDou refers to “Big Dipper”. It was first launched in 2000 to ensure navigation services throughout China. The BDS satellite program consists of four satellites out of which, two trial satellites were launched in late 2000. Later this launch was deemed as the first-ever version of BieDou.

Further, the second-generation BeiDou – 2 system, also referred to as ‘Compass’, was ready by the end of 2011. Initially, it consisted of 10 satellites covering the boundaries of China. After one year, it was expanded to 20 satellites to ensure the complete coverage of Asia – Pacific region. 

With this, China expanded this system from military to involve huge commercial applications usage. 

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