China’s optical remote-sensing satellite was a failure: could not reach the orbit

China’s optical remote-sensing satellite was a failure: could not reach the orbit

Mission Failed: This was the 4th failure for China in 2020. China’s optical remote-sensing satellite Jilin-1 Gaofen 02C that failed to enter the pre-set orbit on 12th September 2020, as reported by Beijing’s official media. 

It was also reported by the state-run Global news that the launch from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center at 1:02 pm (local time) through the Kuaizhou-1A carrier rocket failed due to abnormal performance.

Reasons for the crash under investigation

Precise causes for the incompetent are still under examination. A video of the launch declared subsequently the mission revealed the rocket taking off from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, and the Kuaizhou 11 seemed to take off normally throughout the burn of its first stage motor. As per the media reports, two more solid-fueled stages were expected to fire to place the mission’s two satellite payloads into orbit. But there was no news about when the rocket actually malfunctioned and if there were any such abnormalities in the start of it.

Fourth mission failure for China in  2020

The announcement about this mission was done on 24th August when the Chang Guang Satellite Technology Co. introduced three satellites in the Jilin-1 Gaofen-02 series, citing that the satellites would be launched on three separate missions practising Kuaizhou-1A carrier rocket. It was assumed that the launch would happen in the beginning of the year but due to the lockdown Kuaizhou 11 rocket was delayed.

In less than seven days, Chinese rocket booster has also crashed during the launch of the Gaofen 11 satellite.

The Jilin-1 satellite constellation was established in China’s Jilin Province and is the country’s foremost self-developed remote sensing satellite for commercial usage. With its high speed, large width and high-resolution data transmission, the new satellite is denoted to be used in actual ecological environmental monitoring, resource surveys, disaster prevention, mitigation and urban construction, also for other fields.