Chinese Tourists May Be Allowed to Enter the E.U. but Not in the U.S.

Chinese Tourists May Be Allowed to Enter the E.U. but Not in the U.S.
Image From David Stanley from Nanaimo, Canada / CC BY

Earlier, it was easy for travelers to cross the border into Canada or Ontario, but things have changed after the sudden corona outbreak.

Travelers will not be allowed to continue out-of-the-states road trips after witnessing the worsening health conditions. As the United States is facing a rapid increase in the number of corona cases, the U.S. citizens will not be allowed to travel to the neighboring countries, especially to the North. 

As per reports, the European Union is likely to block travelers throughout the world after it opens the borders on 1st July 2020. 

Recently an E.U. diplomat told CNN that- “The USA’s chances are close to zero. With their infection rates … not even they can believe in that possibility.”

Most of the travel destinations like- Vietnam, Japan, and E.U. have given a clear indication that they would be open to travel mediums with China in the coming future. 

Colleen Friesen lives in a British Columbia based resort and hopes that the U.S.- Canada border remains closed to avoid the corona spread. He told CNN travel- “The majority of Canadians are strongly against allowing Americans into the country due to the U.S.’s rampant infection rate. Although some states seem to be managing the pandemic, when we see news of Oklahoma allowing an indoor rally, we just shake our collective heads,”

Juliet Izon, a travel writer from New York, canceled her summer tour to Italy and now hopes that things will get better in the future. With this, she affirmed that she will definitely plan to visit Italy one day, whenever possible. She said- “I wouldn’t be surprised if in certain countries if they don’t allow Americans in for a while or a really strict quarantine for years to come,”

Further, she said- the way the U.S. has been handling this pandemic situation it’s likely to be “another black mark against us.”

As of now, the circumstances are getting worse, which has affected the global travel business to an extent.