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Congress Says It Will Showcase Party’s Majority In Rajasthan’s Assembly

Congress Says It Will Showcase Party’s Majority In Rajasthan’s Assembly

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The senior spokesperson from the Congress party said that it does not need to wait for the Supreme Court’s verdict for the floor test as it is based on the majority of people we are with. 

On Thursday, the Congress party said that it would convene a session on an “opportune time” to prove the majority within the political party. 

On this matter, Ajay Maken, Congress Senior Spokesperson, said it does not need the Supreme Court’s verdict. Further, he said that one segment of the party feels that the floor tests must be conducted after receiving a verdict from the Supreme Court. 

While in a virtual meeting with news reporters, he said- “We are very confident as we have got the numbers with us, and we will prove the majority on the floor of the House. We have a comfortable majority, and we will call a session at the opportune time,” Source: News 18. 

Further, he added- “But as far as the floor test is concerned, we are very confident that we will easily prove the majority mark. And there will be at least 15-20 members’ difference between the MLAs, who are in favour of the government and those against the government,” Source: News 18. 

When the reporters asked Ajay Maken about when the assembly session will be conveyed further, he said that it will be scheduled for “an opportune time.”

Continuing his speech, he said- “It is not only a legal battle, it is mainly a political battle, and the legal battle is just part of the entire political battle. We have prepared our political plan, and the most important thing is the number in the House,” Source: News 18. 

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Source: News18